Online learning experiences your students & instructors will love

Harmonize makes it easy to create collaborative online learning experiences so you can engage more students and let your instructors focus their time on teaching. 

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Goodbye clunky, outdated discussion boards!

It shouldn’t be so hard to communicate and collaborate with your students.

Harmonize encourages students to use pictures, videos, polls, chat, one-click reactions, Q&A and more to engage in class discussions from any device, anytime. Our users rave about how easy it is to use all our social media-like features within their LMS to deepen discussions and make learning fun.

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As Easy as Social Media

Harmonize is super easy to use for all students and instructors on all devices. 

Students engage more with both peers and instructors when they can post, comment, react, record, and annotate from wherever they are. Participate in class while riding public transportation, from the work break room, and even from a beachside cabana should you feel like keeping up with classes while traveling.

  • React with 1 click ❤️ 👍🏽
  • Auto-save works in progress
  • Share pictures, links, videos, & podcasts
  • Chat with peers 1:1 or in groups
  • Record and post video & audio recordings
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Promote Equitable & Inclusive Learning

We all learn and communicate differently. With Harmonize, you can meet your diversity goals and foster a learning community that is inclusive to all kinds of learners. 

With tools including image annotation, video annotation, and auto-captioning, Harmonize is intuitive and accessible for all students regardless of their technical experience, ability, or learning style.

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Increase Student Engagement with Milestones

Who else is tired of the flood of 11:59pm submissions? 🙋 

In Harmonize, it’s easy to set Multiple Due Dates for post and comment requirements to encourage students to remain engaged throughout the week. This gives students a better understanding of the class expectations and makes discussion boards feel more like a vibrant community.

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Ease Instructor Workload

Call us crazy, but we believe technology should support instructors and give them more time to do what they do best. 

Harmonize makes life easier for instructors by:

  • Auto-grading student participation
  • Automatically checking every post for plagiarism issues with our seamless integrations with Ouriginal, Turnitin and Unicheck
  • Making it easy to monitor regular & substantive interactions with students to meet RSI guidelines
  • Providing visibility into which students are at risk and may need more support
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Engage & Retain Students with Real-Time Metrics

Engagement Insights makes it easy for instructors to proactively monitor student engagement and offer support for students that are struggling or at risk. 

Instructors can quickly view graphs at a whole-class level all the way down to individual students to identify areas for improvement, pull students back into the conversation, and improve retention.

  • Quickly pinpoint struggling and at-risk students and where they need support
  • Track student activity and improvement over time
  • Easily reach out to students via email, chat, and discussions
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Harmonize Integrates Seamlessly With Your LMS

Like all of our intuitive Harmonize features, we aim for quick and easy adoption.

Harmonize integrates with the LMS you already use, making it simple to get your students and instructors up and running immediately. No need to create additional passwords or download another app. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


What does this mean for you?

Increased Student Engagement & Retention

Encourage more frequent and thoughtful engagement in your online courses by making it easier for students and instructors to collaborate.

Happier Instructors

Let teachers teach by eliminating tedious tasks and making it easy for instructors to identify which students could use a little more support.

An Inclusive Learning Community

Create a social learning environment that is inclusive to all students and that overcomes the feelings of isolation that can be common for online learners.

Hundreds of students and instructors love Harmonize

Harmonize is exactly what I was looking for. Now that I've gotten my hands on it, I don't think I could live without it.

Kathy Haddad Professor

Traditional threaded discussions didn’t excite my students. They would simply log on to tally up points. They were much more eager to participate using Harmonize, which is more visually appealing and similar to the platforms that they use every day.

Betty Jo Harris Professor

I think it is a great communication as well as collaboration tool for students. Being able to record, attach files and type all in one place is a huge bonus. I have gotten in the habit of checking the discussions everyday.

Maggie Student

I've implemented Harmonize in four of my courses already. It was simple to set up and students really like how easy it is for them to use.

Erick J. Lindsey Instructor

Faculty love it. Students want to use it. And there’s no other way we could successfully facilitate online collaboration without a learner collaboration platform like this. Our students practice deep collaboration, and in the process, get better engaged in their learning journeys.

Traci Rushing Instructional Designer

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