Boost Retention and Engagement

Boost Retention & Engagement

Your institution’s reputation is strengthened when you provide a world-class collaboration platform that exceeds expectations for students and instructors alike.

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Seamless Integration and Easy Adoption

Seamless Integration & Easy Adoption

The platform’s set of innovative, easy-to-master tools allows for fast adoption by all users, decreasing the time and effort needed for IT implementation and management.

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Enrich Learning and Elevate Discussions

Enrich Learning & Elevate Discussions

Facilitate meaningful conversations, elicit insightful posts and critical thinking, set learning goals, and introduce challenges and new perspectives for your students.

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Build Your Online Ecosystem with Partners You Can Trust

Our partners are carefully selected to help you broaden what you can do with online learning, engage students more authentically, help instructors work more efficiently, and make collaboration fun!

Learning Management Systems

Instructors who love the Canvas learning management system will love its deep integration with Harmonize. Canvas users can take advantage of our modern, social, and engaging discussion platform directly from Canvas to create more dynamic interactions. With Harmonize, instructors can also establish discussion groups of any size and use SpeedGrader to evaluate group or student discussion board assignments.

Brightspace is a learning management system that helps institutions deliver best-in-class experiences for students and faculty. Use Harmonize directly from Brightspace to create engaging discussions to improve classroom experiences and achieve better outcomes.

Blackboard™ delivers a simple and powerful teaching and learning experience to help learners and instructors stay organized, easily take action, and engage with content and each other. Harmonize integrates directly with Blackboard Learn to provide better online discussions driven by engagement.

Moodle is a cloud-hosted, open source learning platform that lets you easily build courses and activities with flexible software tools for collaborative online learning. Harmonize integrates seamlessly with Moodle to provide an interactive, social space for online discussions.

Plagiarism Software

Identify unoriginal content within Harmonize. Manage potential academic misconduct by highlighting similarities to the world’s largest collection of internet, academic, and student paper content.

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Quick and accurate originality check for business and education. Find similarities in any papers, essays, articles, content directly from Harmonize. By combining both technological excellence and intuitive design, Unicheck helps to achieve authenticity instead of simply pointing out similarity.

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