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“I love the addition of automatic captioning. This is an important accessibility and usability feature. This is a significant addition.”

Bruce L. Long
Dean of Nontraditional Programs and Institutional Effectiveness, Dallas Christian College

“Harmonize’s strengths lie in its ease of use for both instructor and student. It is far easier to grade using the Harmonize system because of the thoughtful way posts are displayed and tallied. Harmonize also alerts professors when a question is directed at them, which is a particularly useful feature for busy instructors. I felt it saved considerable time over grading forums in Canvas.”
Professor Rachel Kremen

Professor Rachel Kremen
Journalism and Media Studies Department, School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University

“I was very impressed with the discussion, collaborative and social features which takes the online discussion experience to the next level best suited for the Millennial and Z generation. Therefore, if your organizational goal is to enhance your traditional online discussion experience then I recommend Harmonize.”
Zoaib Mirza

Zoaib Mirza
Director, Instructional Design, Cornell University

“Seeing a tool like Harmonize really gets you rethinking about what is possible with online discussions.”

Daniel James Murphy
Director of Online Learning Technologies, Northwestern University

“I am impressed with how deeply the Harmonize team engages in the decisions about how the tool can best support student learning. Their dedication to using the science of learning to inform and improve the ways students engage is a model for good educational product design.”
Dr. Wise

Alyssa Friend Wise
Director, NYU Analytics Research Network (NYU-LEARN)
Associate Professor of Learning Sciences & Educational Technology, New York University

“I love the way that Harmonize makes it so easy for students and teachers to communicate, collaborate, and engage with one another and the content of the course! It is great that everyone in a class can use various ways to share and provide feedback through a research driven platform like Harmonize.”

Rhonda L. Blackburn, Ph.D.
Chief Learning Officer, Ignite Nation
President, USDLA
Past President & Current Corporate Chair, TxDLA
VP of Finance, Wylie ISD Education Foundation
Student Mentor, Wylie ISD

“We saw its potential immediately. Its user engagement model is very intuitive—it just works in a way that people expect."
James Foley

James Foley
Assistant Director for Digital Learning & Design, Brown University

“We’re excited about this new partnership with 42 Lines, as now Unicheck will help advance original thinking within a robust online discussion solution,” said Serhii Tkachenko, CEO of Unicheck. “Integrated through API, Unicheck will show an originality score upon submission of each new comment and provide a complete online report with highlighted matches, quotes, and replaced characters (if any). Together with 42 Lines, we’ll motivate original contributions to academic discourse in the classroom and online.”


“As reliance on online learning scales, institutions are more concerned than ever with protecting the integrity and quality of their students’ learning experience. We look forward to our partnership with 42 Lines in transforming the student experience to enable greater online and original collaboration within Harmonize.”
Eric Gibbs

Eric Gibbs
President, North America of Ouriginal

“This partnership is an opportunity for us to join together to offer institutions an elevated discussion board platform, all while never leaving Brightspace,” said John Baker, president and CEO of D2L. “We are excited about the integration between D2L’s Brightspace and Harmonize and its seamless offering for both the students and instructors.”


“Turnitin is thrilled to partner with 42 Lines on the Harmonize platform,” said Aaron Yaverski, Vice President of Partnerships at Turnitin. “This partnership will allow instructors and institutions to validate student work within the Harmonize discussion board, encouraging authentic submissions and upholding the institution’s commitment to academic integrity.”

Turnitin Primary Logo RGB


“I've implemented Harmonize in four of my courses already. It was simple to set up and students really like how easy it is for them to use. I really appreciate not having to leave Harmonize to make videos for my class.”

Erick J. Lindset, MCJ/MPSLA

Instructor, Criminal Justice Technology, Piedmont Community College

“Traditional threaded discussions didn’t excite my students. They would simply log on to tally up points. They were much more eager to participate using Harmonize, which is more visually appealing and similar to the platforms that they use every day.”

betty jo harris

Betty Jo Harris
History Instructor | Copiah-Lincoln Community College 

“Harmonize is an invaluable tool for art instruction because its visual display so brilliantly supports work in progress."

Kathy Haddad
Fine Arts Instructor | Chaffey College 

"We have tried a lot of LTI's, most fail, but Harmonize has been a keeper."

Thatcher Bohrman

Thatcher Bohrman
Teaching & eLearning Manager, Yavapai College

 “Harmonize is visually engaging and replicates a social media-like experience for students. Because of this, students are more inclined and interested to use the platform for their online discussions.”


Sabine Gabaron 
Lecturer IV, University of Michigan

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